As I was walking this morning it occurred to me that God might have created gravity for infants and children. As light as they are, can you imagine babies being blown about by the wind, lost forever if there were no gravity and an absentminded parent were to forget to hold them constantly or tie them down. Children have a way of skipping about, and they run from one activity to another. They have such joy and exuberance as they explore all that God has created in nature and take such delight in the discovery of the smallest thing. Can't you picture them becoming lost as they flit about so excited they forget where they came from? Adults on the other hand have no need of gravity to keep our feet on the pavement. The aches and pains of aging, the bad memories, and the worries and concerns of this life in a fallen world weigh us down so often. Sometimes it's a wonder we are still able to walk upright it seems from the heavy burdens we so unnecessarily strap to our backs. What a shame that we have lost our childish innocence. What a shame that we cannot come to God with a childlike faith which allows us to trust Him in all things. What a shame that we have become so accustomed to this marvelous creation that we no longer delight in the miracle that it is. What a shame that when He told us "Be anxious about nothing" God already knew that we would be. Today I have purposed that gravity will keep my feet on the ground, but the cares of this world will not hold my heart. My heart and soul will soar, and I will actively pursue that childlike passion for life; that carefree attitude that enjoys the moment with complete abandon. Today I will take mental pictures and capture the moments that make up a life. Today I will give thanks for the little things and trust God to take care of the big ones. Today I will live with zest, and Lord willing tomorrow, I will do it again :-)


A message from Ronald P. Hutchcraft

The Amazing Reason Why You Are Where You Are

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It's hard to find any "good news" in the bad news of being diagnosed with cancer. But Ellen did, and she told me about it after a recent seminar I led in her area. I'm really excited about how God is using our A Life That Matters training events to help everyday believers help people they know be in heaven with them. Ellen told me she'd read my book about that when it came out, but she didn't really look for or see many opportunities to tell people the good news about Jesus...until she got cancer. Suddenly she was in the middle of many people who in her words were "facing their own mortality; people whose future was suddenly uncertain because of that chilling word - cancer. Now, because of what she was going through and they were going through, her cancer strangely qualified her to share the Christ who died and rose again to get us ready for eternity. Ellen said, "I went back and re-read your book so I'd know what to do." God has used Ellen in a powerful way. She said, "Ron, I've led so many cancer patients to Jesus - people from many different religions and people with no faith at all!"

It turned out there was an eternal reason - a life-saving reason that Ellen found for being a cancer patient. What she was going through uniquely qualified her to help some people around her be in heaven with her. That's the reason you are where you are. Jesus assigns us to places and situations to be, as Paul said, "...ambassadors for Christ" (2 Corinthians 5:20). If you have eyes to see, your personal situation right now is loaded with opportunities to bring up the difference that a relationship with Jesus makes.

You may feel like surely there's someone who could do a better job of representing Jesus. You'd better take that up with Him. You're His chosen representative, planted in the place you work, the place you live, the school you go to, the activity you're involved in. And people listen to people who are walking the same trail they are. Moms listen to moms, truckers listen to truckers, salesmen listen to salesmen, farmers listen to farmers, engineers to engineers, athletes to athletes, dads listen to dads, and students listen to students. You get it. You are uniquely qualified to reach people like you. You may, in fact, be their best chance to find Jesus, or maybe their only chance.

The prayer of Colossians 4:3-4, our word for today from the Word of God, becomes a very significant prayer for you. The verse that follows, Colossians 4:5, says: "Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders" - that's people who are outside of Jesus - "make the most of every opportunity." Don't miss chances to be their spiritual rescuer, to bring up Jesus. Now, here's the prayer that paves the way for the rescue: "Pray...that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly as I should." It's a 3-open prayer, "Lord, open a door." A door is a natural opportunity to bring up your relationship with Christ. Then, "Lord, open their heart." Get them ready to hear about You, Lord. And then, "Lord, open my mouth." Give me the courage, the words, the approach to use to present You clearly. Open a door, open their heart, and open my mouth.

See, there's an eternal reason why you are where you are occupationally, geographically, situationally, parentally, physically, emotionally, maybe even medically. You've been given a stretch of spiritual beach where Jesus has assigned you as the lifeguard, and you can be sure there are spiritually drowning people there within your reach. There's a meaning in the situation you're in...forever meaning, life-saving meaning. You're there to rescue. Don't let them down. Don't let Jesus down.
© (c) Ronald P. Hutchcraft
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I am working on the cancer journal that God laid on my heart almost a year ago now. I have checked into having it published which is a tedious and time consuming proposition, or self publishing which is a faster but obviously more expensive route to go. The idea has been met with enthusiasm by patients and professionals and I believe God wants me to finish it; but I covet your prayers for clear direction on how to continue. Thank you in advance, and may God be glorified. christi

" A Bend in the Road......"


When we feel we have nothing left to give,

And we are sure that the song has ended,

When our day seems over and the shadows fall

And the darkness of night has descended,

Where can we go to find the strength

To valiantly keep on trying?

Where can we find the hand that will dry

The tears that the heart is crying?

There's but one place to go and that is to God,

And dropping all pretense and pride,

We can pour out our problems without restraint

And gain strength with Him at our side.

And together we stand at life's crossroads

And view what we think is the end,

But God has a much bigger vision,

And He tells us it's only a bend.

For the road goes on and is smoother,

And the pause in the song is a rest,

And the part that's unsung and unfinished

Is the sweetest and richest and best.

So rest and relax and grow stronger ...

Let go and let God share your load.

Your work is not finished or ended ...

You've just come to a bend in the road...

author unknown


chriscaresforcancer: Awe - inspiring

chriscaresforcancer: Awe - inspiring

Awe - inspiring

I am reading a book today by Patsy Clairmont. I had to pause where I am after she asked the readers "What is the most awe inspiring thing you have ever witnessed?" I am sure there have been thousands of things that have created awe and wonder in this heart of mine, but one immediately caused tears to fill my eyes. In my 51 years what stands out the most is the memory of looking into Doug's eyes after he learned his cancer was terminal and seeing absolute peace. I was struck with awe in a way I'll remember all my days. His blue eyes could have been tranquil water on a summer day, so calm and so bright; and as I immersed myself in them I knew that His God was REAL!! It was a "beyond a shadow of a doubt experience." This was not human strength, or a facade he wore for my benefit. His faith had been severely tested as he faced death, and thought of all that he would miss in this life, and it never wavered. I remember thanking God aloud for the gift this peace was to Doug and to me, even as I marveled in the wonder of it. Many of us know that we are in God's hands, but Doug rested peacefully in those hands. I am so thankful that God gave me a front row seat to the transforming work in Doug's life; and I will never forget the awe of seeing the Spirit's presence in those eyes. It is comforting to know that the same Holy Spirit resides in me and will uphold me no matter what my future holds. Today marks the 3 year anniversary of the day we learned he had brain tumors. How perfect that God would stir up such a sweet memory on this day. To God be the glory!!



Heavenly Father;
I have just learned of two more women who are in the late stages of their cancer battle. Both have children still at home. Both belong to you. This grieves my heart, as I know it does Yours. We were created sinless, disease, and death free. The medical world says they don't have much time. We look to You who hold all things in the palm of Your hands. If you choose You could still heal them completely, bringing wonder and amazement to all who hear. And we would sing your praises. You may choose to heal them only as they cross over to their new home. And we would sing Your praises. Father please carry them close to You today. Shelter their families under Your wings. May Your Spirit guide those who seek to minister to them but don't know how.
We ask for an extra measure of your strength today, for grace, and the peace that passes all understanding, and for comfort. Thank you that in Jesus a death here really means going HOME. "Though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil" In Jesus' name, Amen


Food for thought........

I put Becky on the plane for California recently and I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Do we think about all the the people and things we trust when we fly across the country?? We have to trust the design and the performance of the plane. We trust the mechanics who checked it over before we boarded. We trust that it's been loaded with enough fuel. We trust the security agents that they won't let anyone or anything on board that could harm us. We trust the pilot and co-pilot that they are healthy, well rested and ready to do their jobs. We trust that the flight attendants know how to handle emergencies, and that the oxygen masks and flotation devices will work as planned. We trust the accuracy of the weather reports, the radar, and the abilities of the air traffic controllers. We trust the stability and visibility of the run ways at both ends. We put our very lives in the hands of so many unknown and often unseen people and things with hardly a thought. Why then do we find it so difficult to trust our Heavenly Father with our lives??? While we haven't seen Him we know Him, for He has revealed Himself in His word, and He speaks to our hearts. He has proved Himself over and over to be faithful and trustworthy. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
When we fly we give up most of our freedoms at the time we check in. The airline tells us how to pack, how heavy, what is and is not allowed. Security checks our luggage, our persons, may go thru all of our possessions and may do a pat down if they feel it's necessary. We are assigned to a seat and told when to have our seat belts on, when we're allowed to move, to go to the bathroom, to exit. We understand that all of these things are done for our safety. Every rule was established with our best interest in mind. We comply without question or argument. Why then do we find it so difficult to surrender our "freedoms" to the One we know who has our best interest always in His heart. He sees the beginning and the end, our coming and our going, our lying down and our rising up. Why do we think that we can make our own plans?


Walk in Step

Journal: June 13, 2006

""The morning after" Yesterday we heard the word cancer. We thought
we might hear it sometime in the future; but not so soon. It looks like Doug
has lung cancer, but I hate to say that he does because it hasn't been confirmed
yet, and you are a God of miracles. "Yea though I walk through the valley of
The shadow of death I will fear no evil for You are with me. Your rod and
staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23. We feel Your comfort already.
I feel that soon we will enter a cave with many tunnels. It is too dark now
to see the tunnels which may contain surgery, radiation, chemo, job loss, all
sorts of things we haven't seen yet. But...... Jesus will go into the tunnel first
and with His lantern He will show us which paths to take and which ones we
can avoid. One day He will point us to the light at the end of the tunnel and
He will rejoice with us when we step back out into the light.
God give us the wisdom to follow so closely behind Jesus that we do not
stumble along the way.

I looked this up recently while working on my cancer journal; and thought again, as I had soon after I wrote it that this does apply to all of life. I had NO idea when I wrote that all of the twists and turns involved in our cancer journey.
As we begin 2010, we really don't have any idea what this year will include for us - although we often try to plan our own journey. May we all walk in step with Jesus this year, submissive to His perfect plan, curious about what lies ahead,thankful for each moment, each joy, each struggle, and trusting His wisdom and His unfailing love when we don't understand.