Is it ok that I think of God much like a GPS unit?? You see, He knows where I've been, He knows where I'm going, what lies ahead, and He knows that sometimes I won't like His directions and I'll take my own route. When that proves to be disasterous, He gently talks me back to the original path and sets me on my way again. There is my destination, Heaven, and there are many via points along the way. HOME on this GPS is prayer. That communication with Him whenever and wherever that keeps me connected with Him. He knows what is up ahead for me, and He directs others on their paths so that at just the right time we come up to each other. In recent weeks I have been SO amazed by the people that He has caused my path to intersect with. How incredible that He puts me on route to meet someone else that I didn't even know would be an important part of my life. How I see His direction when the unexpected route turns out to be one of tremendous blessing. How wonderful that He sends me to places I would have never ventured to on my own. He has some very special stops along the way towards my final destination!! and this journey is such an adventure.
I have my list for today, for the week. I think I know where I'm going and what I should do. In reality I could program my life's GPS the same every morning. "YOU decide." I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord, I'll do what you want me to do.

So self sufficient

I've been thinking recently that Christians, of all people, should realize how weak and fragile we truly are. We have come face to face with our depravity, our need of a Savior; and we have pleaded for mercy at the foot of the cross. Having left our former life behind we struggle constantly against our own flesh, and in our own strength we lose the battle. We fully intend to give ourselves over to lives of service but in reality, kingdom works gets scarcely any of our time and attention. We are well aware of the fact that we won't draw another breath without God's mercy. In ourselves we truly are helpless creatures. That fact should be permanently imprinted on our hearts and in our minds. Why then, when someone offers us any type of help do we suddenly become so self sufficient? We can view offers of physical labor as an insult; implying that we are somehow not strong enough to do it on our own. An offer of food is turned down because we can get by without it.If someone offers to spend time with us we feel we might be an inconvenience, and financial gifts seem the most difficult to accept with grace and thankfulness. It is much easier to be the giver. God tells us to be cheerful givers; and I know there is room for improvement in that area as well.In fact I'd like to challenge my readers to get close enough to understand what it is they truly need. Walk in someone else's shoes for a little while. Don't just say if you need something, call. What exactly does that mean?? I believe that if we look and we pray God will make plain the way to provide help.

But, today I'm wondering about being cheerful recipients. Do we sometimes quench the work of the Spirit when we become too self sufficient to gracefully accept another's assistance? Do we miss an opportunity to be blessed or allow another to be blessed because of our pride?? I truly believe that every day we have an opportunity to be a cheerful giver in some form; but there are also those times when we find ourselves in unusual circumstances that we must acknowledge that we really are not as self sufficient as we would like. In those times we must learn to be cheerful recipients as God enables and calls some of His children to bear our burdens. We have opportunites to show the world what God's family is all about as we give, and as we receive.