Cancer Buddies

I am thinking of Jim VanSolkema; a dear man who only crossed our path about a year ago at the Lacks Cancer Center. We were actually introduced by a mutual friend. What strikes me is the depth of conversation among the terminally ill. Pleasantries are exchanged, and chuckles welcome of course, taking some of the serious tone away momentarily, but instinctively we are drawn to weighty matters. We share details of diagnosis and treatments and pain to enlist their support in the fight of our lives. If we have nothing else in common the desire to fight this horrible disease is enough to draw us together. Eternity is on our minds and we bear our souls and share our hearts with those we know briefly but deeply; for we share life's greatest sorrows. Deep in our hearts we feel what those outside the cancer world cannot understand. I will remember you Jim all my days, for the time we journeyed over steep hills and thru dark valleys together . It has been my priviledge to be your prayer warrior, and now I focus on lifting up those you have left behind before the throne of grace that they may find strength in their time of need.


Where will this go??

Tomorrow will mark three months since my husband died of a massive stroke after 3 years and 8 days of battling lung cancer. I learned a lot about cancer during that time, but I learned even more about life. My heart goes out to anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis of any kind, and to those who are struggling with this disease or have lost a loved one to it. I am deeply greatful for the caring people that took care of Doug, they have a gift of compassion. I know that I will never forget his cancer journey, and that it will influence the rest of my life. I would like to be able to use what we learned to help others. I understand that Doug is in glory because his work is finished. I know that I am here because mine is not. I don't yet know what that work is; but I feel this blog may have something to do with it. Cancer is not a respector of persons. It affects old and young, male and female, rich and poor; there is no one it cannot touch. Cancer also connects people. Those who have heard the "c" word are joined together in the fight to beat this terrible disease; if not physically than at least emotionally. I don't intend for this blog to be used by ONLY cancer survivors, but I do hope that it will be used by cancer survivors. Please leave your comments, questions, and concerns and feel free to share it with others. Chris