As I was walking this morning it occurred to me that God might have created gravity for infants and children. As light as they are, can you imagine babies being blown about by the wind, lost forever if there were no gravity and an absentminded parent were to forget to hold them constantly or tie them down. Children have a way of skipping about, and they run from one activity to another. They have such joy and exuberance as they explore all that God has created in nature and take such delight in the discovery of the smallest thing. Can't you picture them becoming lost as they flit about so excited they forget where they came from? Adults on the other hand have no need of gravity to keep our feet on the pavement. The aches and pains of aging, the bad memories, and the worries and concerns of this life in a fallen world weigh us down so often. Sometimes it's a wonder we are still able to walk upright it seems from the heavy burdens we so unnecessarily strap to our backs. What a shame that we have lost our childish innocence. What a shame that we cannot come to God with a childlike faith which allows us to trust Him in all things. What a shame that we have become so accustomed to this marvelous creation that we no longer delight in the miracle that it is. What a shame that when He told us "Be anxious about nothing" God already knew that we would be. Today I have purposed that gravity will keep my feet on the ground, but the cares of this world will not hold my heart. My heart and soul will soar, and I will actively pursue that childlike passion for life; that carefree attitude that enjoys the moment with complete abandon. Today I will take mental pictures and capture the moments that make up a life. Today I will give thanks for the little things and trust God to take care of the big ones. Today I will live with zest, and Lord willing tomorrow, I will do it again :-)

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