Our Journey, Your Journey

I am excited to announce that my manuscript is nearing completion and I am looking into self publishing options. Doug's oncologist offered many invaluable suggestions, and I am just waiting for him to complete his reading of it before I proceeed. The story had been expanded and the format changed significantly, but it is still an organizational tool for cancer patients and their caregivers. The doctor and our social worker both believe that it will be quite an assest for their patients and a help for the medical staff. This has been God's plan from the beginning and I am humbled that He used me for such an endeavor. He has confirmed His plan many times by bringing people into my life that could aid in one aspect or another. I am anxious to see the completed work and know that those who follow us with their own cancer journey may receive a little assistance. I am praying that God will continue to direct me in the way it should go; and that He will receive all the praise and the glory. It was written to point people to the source of Doug's hope and to lift up God's Name. christi

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